Monday, March 21, 2016

Monday, March 21, 2016

Oh, wow, here I am, two days in a row!! Yea me.

I had a full day today, starting off with 4 appointments. My first was a badly needed haircut, followed by a manicure. These always include some nice visiting. I feel like I know these gals well. They are in Montevideo.

Something interesting I discovered there. My manicurist's (is that a word?) husband was one of the earliest recipients of a heart transplant. This was 28 years ago!! He was #137 at the U of M. The anti rejection medications he takes are very hard on the body, and he needs a hip replacement (both hips) and both knees. At that time heart transplants were new and not done that often. Just was a very interesting conversation.

When I was done there, it was off to Madison to meet Orrin for a visit with our tax lady, to drop off all of our information. That didn't take too long. We had lunch at The Pantry, we hadn't eaten there in a long time. It was okay, we had a rice/chicken hot dish, heavy on the rice. Luckily we ordered half orders, which was plenty!!

Then I called the chiropractor to see if he could get me in at 12:30. Luckily he could. My arm had been sore, sort of like tennis elbow, I think an aftereffect of my earlier mishap. He really gave that a good workout, and it feels marvelous tonight!! I think I can go to bed without tylenol. 

So that was in Dawson. And then I drove south to Arlys' for club. We hadn't met since November, and I really was looking forward to that. She made a good lemon dessert and we had fun with our usual game of garbage. There were just 6 of us, our club is down to 7 now, but one of them is still in AZ. I was sorry to hear that she was having radiation for cancer, she's had a lot of problems with that. We talked about golfing this summer, I am determined that Orrin and I will get out on the course this year, we never even played one round last year!! We all just had a good, enjoyable visit. Next month we'll meet in the evening again.

I got home around 5:30. We had a supper of left over tater tot hot dish, I guess it was the day for hot dishes.  Then we settled in to watch the first show of the season of Dancing With the Stars. I made it about half way through, not sure how long Orrin lasted. I didn't think it would be a very interesting group this year, but it turned out to be pretty good. I don't know if they could make the ladies costumes any skimpier. And the men have very impressive physiques, but do we really need to see any more bare chests? But the dancing is very good. I'm surprised that Orrin seems to enjoy the show too, or is he just humoring me?

I woke up from the couch and thought I would get online and actually follow up on this blog. And now it's time to move to the bed. I believe Orrin has already headed there.

Hugs, Orrin, Linda and Teddy.  

Dear children, let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth.
1 John 3:18

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