Saturday, October 29, 2016

Saturday, October 29, 2016 Our 55th anniversary and Terry's birthday,both on Friday the 28th

Hi! Wow, the last post was dated in March. Not sure why, but I just haven't been moved to write for a long time. And now it is time again! I'll try to be here regularly again.

We've had a busy month. We have been blessed to celebrate our 55th anniversary yesterday! Al, Lisa and the boys, and Krause's and Hunt's joined us for supper last night at Prairie's Edge casino last night. They had a buffet, which was good, not quite up to their usual standard, but still managed to fill us up. We rode over in our new (to us) vehicle. We traded in the Cadillac for a Ford Flex and are really enjoying it. We took it for a road trip for 10 days in Wisconsin and it was a delight. Dan took us to Door County, all the way to the Washington Island ferry. It was peak time for color, and we really enjoyed seeing all God's glory!

We were able to take in a JV football game Monday and watched our boys play football! Justin and Zachary both went out for football this year. They are at Manitowac Lutheran High School, man, 2 boys in high school! Tuesday we left for Hartford to spend a few days with Stan and Carol. They moved there from Washington in August to be closer to Jeff and Heidi and their families. They have a beautiful home and really showed us a good time. Carol and I were able to do our favorite thing, shop! We spent a few hours in Cedarburg, and did some antiquing, always a fun time, even if we don't buy anything. We stayed up late both nights playing games. 

From there we went up to Deb and Rich's. Saturday we drove over to the Crave's and spent time with Leah and her family. They have a lovely home, very country. Leah gave us a tour of Crave Dairy. We weren't able to tour the cheese factory, but saw everything else. That is quite an operation. 

Sunday we went to church with Deb and Rich in Ripon, and after breakfast, Rich gave us a tour of Ripon. He drives bus out of there. Then we headed to Manitowac to enjoy the high school concert. Tosha directs one of the choirs and the boys sing in the choirs. Zachary also plays drums in the band. It was such fun, lots of talent in the school! They had a fund raiser and a silent auction. I put my bid on several things, assuring Orrin that I would surely not win anything. Hmmm, well, I did win a Christmas quilt! It's lovely, a variation of the log cabin. All for a good cause! 

Coming back to their house, Dan saved my life! I took a misstep coming into the house from the garage, and he grabbed me and kept me from a nasty fall onto the cement floor. Thank you again, Dan! 

We headed home on Monday, and I'm still doing laundry. haha 

Last night I woke up at 2 and realized we were in the dark. Literally! Our electricity was off. We called it in and about an hour later it came back on. We're not sure what happened, we didn't have a bad storm or anything. Some rain is all. I'm thinking it went off around 12, so was off for 3 or 4 hours. I got out the battery run candles and we just both nodded off to sleep until we got electricity back. 

Today was a lazy day for both of us. I read the book for book club, I like to wait until it's closer to book club day so it's fresh in my mind, but last month I left it too late and didn't get the one read. This month it's Ordinary Grace by Wm. Kent Krueger. It was really good. He writes a lot of Junior books, and this one was told from the perspective of a young person, but was very interesting. 

Thanks to everyone for the good wishes, we appreciated it. We've been enjoying the pictures coming from Walt Disney World. Jeremy and Laura and Maria are there. The look on Maria's face is priceless. 

Hugs from Canby. 
Orrin, Linda and Teddy